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Little Red School House

May 27, 2020

On this episode, Gord gets to chat with members and affiliates of the Radical Education Forum. ‘Rad Ed’, as it is referred to, has its beginnings in the 2010 UK election and focuses on creating discourse on the need for radical restructuring of education, working toward a more democratic and community-driven educational model that works against the exploitative demands of capital and raises the consciousness of all individuals who participate in the relational activity of learning.

This will likely be the start of what will be a series of conversations as we at LRSH seek practical applications and tactics to radically transform education in our communities.

In this episode, we discuss the practical application of education as a political act, how sometimes just starting at organizing is the best way to ‘be ready’, and how Rad Ed affiliates with other orgs and groups with similar goals to build a supportive, worker-driven network of support - something LRSH is building with its movement. Below are links relevant to our discussion:

The Common House:

Rad Ed Discord:

No More Exclusions: