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Little Red School House

May 24, 2021

James from Prolekult is back! We start up with a discussion, and a few laughs, about British documentarian Adam Curtis and his new BBC series, Can’t Get You Out of My Head.  Then, we talk about the current situation with the National Health Service, a few other current events, and why more means less.

May 20, 2021

Adam dives into the issue of professional development during pandemic, referencing the experiences of some Redditors from /r/teachers. Then, he discusses the Missouri voucher program, why it matters, and how it’s a manifestation of the historical crises in public education.

Twitter @lredschoolhouse...

May 16, 2021

Episode 6. Kimba & Ryan // Kimba: iamkingkimba (IG) Ryan: @frikhan_ (IG)

The Department for Miseducation // @DfMEpod (Twitter)

A podcast exploring education in all its possibilities. Providing a space for formal and informal educators to think critically about what education means.
Hosted by Mwenza (she/her) & Marsha...

May 10, 2021

If someone’s job requires an appreciation Week it means they aren’t getting paid enough.

I hate Teacher Appreciation Week because it only magnifies all the ways teachers are NOT appreciated. I'd really rather it just not happen at all. Or alternatively, maybe it would be best if it happened all year round, in our...

May 4, 2021


Gord is joined again by Zitkato, one of the hosts of Bands of Turtle Island to continue their discussion on Decolonization.


In this second part, Zitkato leads us through how lifestyleism - theorizing without real actions to help others materially - is patronizing and doesn't actually empower anyone. Zikato also...