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Little Red School House

Apr 28, 2021

When we talk about systems, we should be talking about a system not individuals. When we use words to describe what we stand for, we should mean everything that comes with it. But too often we don’t. Sammie and Adam touch on these concepts in a wide ranging discussion on the pandemic, police murders, and sexism...

Apr 23, 2021

On today's episode we were fortunate to be joined by a truly talented, and empathy filled educator, Jennifer Binis. Jennifer discusses how teaching began as a job only for women.

We also discuss feminism and how white feminists in the Open School movement think feminism is telling other women to quit their job if they...

Apr 21, 2021

On today's episode John discusses why we must defund and abolish the police.

Is a system that needs more funding/training to not shoot a child worthy of being saved?’

Maybe the system is just doing what it was originally designed to do: kill.

Maybe it’s time to invest in people instead.

Maybe it’s time to...

Apr 16, 2021

Adam and Christina continue their chitty chat about the ways in which capitalism distorts our feelings. In this second installment, they dive into the way capitalism commodifies our very real, negative personal experiences, necessitated by a model of constant production, and then sells them back to us as mental health....

Apr 13, 2021

As a teacher have you felt like you don't want to teach any more? You aren't alone! Feeling like this does not make you a bad teacher. That is why we are sharing our brutally honest feelings about the topic.

Not only do Gord and I share our own feelings on the topic - spoiler we both have felt this way countless times....