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Little Red School House

Dec 30, 2019

Hello, Little Red School House listeners!

We are excited to share that starting in January 2020, we will release a free episode of Little Red School House every Monday.

To allow us to keep up on this schedule, we're asking you to join our community - officially - by becoming a sponsoring patron through our Patreon page. --Even a dollar a month helps.

Your financial support will enable us to pay our guests for their time, improve our content, quality of recordings, and allow us to grow.

For now, please enjoy a sampling from our upcoming episodes. 

Join us next Monday, January 6, for our next regularly scheduled episode in which we discuss the challenges of being queer in the education system with a special guest.

Happy New Year, listeners!


Little Red School House focuses on issues with our current education system and ways we can empower students, educators, and anyone who cares about education.

Shouldn’t people be put before profits? Shouldn’t our children be educated to grow and learn instead of being treated like the means to the financial gain of those in power? If you agree with this so-called “radical” and “revolutionary” perspective, you’ve come to the right place!

Join educators Gord Milstone and John Battalion as they call out systemic problems and discuss how we can break down barriers in the educational system.

Engage with us on social media at @LRedSchoolHouse on twitter. You can also find us on Patreon at

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