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Little Red School House

May 15, 2019

The truth hurts! That's why on this episode of Little Red School House Gord and I (John) get Brutally Honest as we discuss the Rhode Island school district that had planned to food shame and punish it's students for their lunch debts, and the larger topic of how under Capitalism profit is valued over anything and everything else.

Luckily the RI district scrapped it's plans due to backlash. However, we have had enough!

If you feel the same way we do and want to help make sure school districts don't enact this type of horrid action again subscribe to, or keep listening to our podcast and follow our twitter feed. An announcement about our plans to make sure every child is fed will be released soon.

Vox article:


Little Red School House focuses on issues with our current education system and ways we can empower students, educators, and anyone who cares about education.

Shouldn’t people be put before profits? Shouldn’t our children be educated to grow and learn instead of being treated like the means to the financial gain of those in power? If you agree with this so-called “radical” and “revolutionary” perspective, you’ve come to the right place!

Join educators Gord Milstone and John Battalion as they call out systemic problems and discuss how we can break down barriers in the educational system.

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