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Little Red School House

Jun 15, 2020

On this episode, Gord is joined by members and affiliates of the UK abolitionist group that focuses on schooling as it pertains to racial justice, and abolishing exclusions (expulsions), along with dismantling the structural injustices that exist in the education system of the UK.

We are lucky to have young voices on with Ayah, Nirad, Kadeem, and Jess who are young people involved with the movement, along with Zahra and Alanna - current organizers and, in Zahra's words, recovering teachers.

We focus, through storytelling and dialogue, on the practicalities of a movement such as this, the task of educators and of students working in a horizontal framework, and to speak up against injustice, not worrying about if it's the right time. If there is injustice, then it is time to speak out against it!

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No More Exclusions: