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Little Red School House

Apr 6, 2020

In today’s Truly Talented episode, we meet Adam, a left-wing academic who is joining our movement.

Adam uses what is called Cultural Historical Theory, a system of inquiry popularized by Marxist educators and educational philosophers like Lev Vygotsky to critique research practices, along with using the theory as an approach to training educators he works with.

Adam has had a few stages in his educational journey that he shares with us and we hope his insights help us to see the need for a left-wing perspective to the methods of educating and researching.

We also talk about the current COVID-19 crisis and how it will make for a major paradigm shift in many aspects of society, not to mention education

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Little Red School House focuses on issues with our current education system and ways we can empower students, educators, and anyone who cares about education.

Shouldn’t people be put before profits? Shouldn’t our children be educated to grow and learn instead of being treated like the means to the financial gain of those in power? If you agree with this so-called “radical” and “revolutionary” perspective, you’ve come to the right place!

Join us as we call out systemic problems and discuss how we can break down barriers in the educational system.